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Shopping Role Play

Shopping Role Play

In May, we were able to do some shopping role-play in the bigroom. We took our shopping list to the supermarket and chose which yummy foods we wanted to buy, there were so many choices! After searching for the food we chose we placed them in our baskets then we took them to the cashier who calculated how much our items would cost. It was so exciting to be able shop in English and we were able to practice using shopping vocabulary, for example:


“We need two apples!”

“Oh! I forgot to buy eggs.”

“Could you pass me three bananas?”

It was so exciting to be able role-play shopping that we had the opportunity to use our new vocabulary in a real world situation, thanks to V-Drug in Kakuozan. The V-Drug supermarket kindly let us enter their store and we each had ¥100 to spend on a candy of our choice!!

We followed the rules that we learnt from our experience at school and we were able to purchase our candy by ourselves. What a fun day!

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