International preschool in Nagoya-shi Chigusa-ku【Kakuozan International Preschool】

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Creative Arts

Children love to express themselves! Through a variety of different media, we honour our natural performers by giving each child ample opportunity to show his or her uniqueness. Children paint and draw pictures, dance and sing together, play with musical instruments, make original and themed crafts, participate in role plays, and so much more. We love encouraging our students to be as original and creative as possible.

Creative Thinking

We strive to give our students the best possible chance to become creative thinkers so they are exposed to activities that allows them to think “outside the box.” Examples are: story telling in their own words, making fun and exciting crafts, painting using unusual materials, Show and Tell, and talking about their emerging interests. Our students are also given the opportunity to share their ideas and perceptions. We are always excited to see our students’ creativity shine!

Language Arts

Children learn language best when it is useful and fun so our language development program is based on Whole Language Learning theory, which stresses creating a rich and varied linguistic environment. While all four language skills are highlighted at different times, the content and expression are always focused on the learners. Students are encouraged to explore their environment under the guidance of nurturing educators. Language is taught explicitly during English language classes (Language Arts and Reading and Writing), but the learning does not stop there. Similar themes are also carried through to reading lessons, creative arts (painting, music, arts and crafts, dramatic play), social studies, maths, P.E. and play time.


At KIPS we strongly believe in the natural scientific curiosity of all children, and science lessons are taught to heighten this through fun, stimulating and thought-provoking experiments. We understand that the patience required for multi-step activities is a learned skilled, so our goal is to start children on a lifelong journey of discovery by exploring the world around them whether that be through cooking a simple dish, creating an exploding volcano or even something as simple as mixing different colors.

Reading / Writing

Study skills are an important part of future success and our students also learn about English as a subject, just the same way native speaking children need to do. Our reading and writing lessons are designed to introduce grammar, spelling, sight words, and phonics through just the right balance of age-appropriate books, worksheets and writing exercises, giving students the learning skills they will use at all levels of education.


While taught as a separate subject, mathematics and counting-related games and activities are an integral part of each program within the curriculum, whether measuring during a science experiment or counting in P.E. class. Using concrete items such as blocks, toys and pictures allows children to “visualize” mathematical concepts of addition/subtraction, patterns and sorting.

Social Studies

The primary goal of social studies lessons are to help children learn about themselves by learning about others. The program content includes learning the basics of socialization and allowing children to make the transition from home to larger group-based settings. By practising sharing, turn-taking, following directions, and playing as part of a group, children learn to consider the feelings and experiences of others around them.


We believe that a “sound mind in a sound body” is best begun early so large muscle training through walking, running and sports are a large part of the week’s schedule. This is equally true of small muscle training, which includes a variety of balance, timing and coordination-building activities.

Morning Running Program

A child’s early physical development is very important and at KIPS we hold a weekly running program. Each week (excluding July and August) our Hummingbirds, Parrots and Eaglets students participate in this program. They run approximately 400 to 500 meters total (Hummingbirds), 600 to 800 meters total (Parrots/Eaglets). This weekly activity helps strengthen their bodies, develop a healthy competitive spirit and gives them a opportunity to enjoy playing outside.

Indoor Exercises

In association with our Morning Running Program, our students take part in daily indoor exercises. The students use mats to practice various exercises such as backbends, wheelbarrows and handstands. Along with our Running Program, it is our hope that our students physical development will continue to grow.


Many of our students graduate and go on to attend Japanese elementary school. In order for their journey to go as smooth as possible, we hold Japanese lessons in order to teach the students many things they may be unfamiliar with. These include: traditional Japanese songs, folk dances, writing, reading and games. These classes are available from Hummingbirds.