International preschool in Nagoya-shi Chigusa-ku【Kakuozan International Preschool】

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Summer School  Registration Open   August 1st – August 17th Are you ready for an awesome summer?! Let’s travel around the world!!

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Kakuozan International Preschool’s goal is to give your child an environment where she or he can develop into a healthy, happy individual, with a truly international perspective.  We aim to raise children who use their English to develop both their creativity and their ability to see the world through other’s eyes.

Your son or daughter will channel his or her natural curiosity and love of learning through well thought out lessons, activities and experiments. In addition to developing English fluency, he or she will become aware of the cultural diversity of our world. Our curriculum is based on North American preschool models, and our staff undergo training in current Early Childhood Education (ECE) methodology.

Which course is best for my child?



18 Months – 6 Years

This is our regular English preschool.



3 Years – Grade 3

This course is for students to attend after preschool, Japanese kindergarten and/or elementary school.



3 Years – Grade 6

This is a 4.5 hour or 6 hour English immersion class. 



Grade 1 – 6

This course is for preschool graduates, returnees from overseas and bilingual students.



3 Months – 2 Yrs 3 Months

This is an English lesson for child and parent.

How to Organize a Tour and Trial Lesson

Please Contact Us

We are available anytime between Monday - Friday from 9:00am - 18:00 or you may email us at:


We can discuss and recommend the best class for your child even if they have no English experience!

Organize a Visit

We can organize a school tour and trial lesson throughout the week to best suit your schedule.

School Tour and Trial Lesson

We would love to have you come in, enjoy a trial lesson and learn more about our school.

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